A Durham, North Carolina, Family Law Attorney

You are contemplating a divorce. You and your spouse have accumulated significant assets during the years you have been married. You have children whom you dearly love and whose well-being is of the utmost importance to you. You have so many unanswered questions and you are not sure what to do next. If you are thinking about divorce, the first thing you should do is consult with an experienced family law attorney so that you can begin to make well-informed and wise decisions from the very beginning.

Working With A Board-Certified Family Law Specialist

Martha New Milam is certified as a family law specialist by the North Carolina State Bar’s Board of Legal Specialization. As a board-certified family law specialist, Ms. Milam keeps up with the latest developments in the law. She has proven experience, vast knowledge of the law, and enjoys the respect of judges and other lawyers.

When you consult with Ms. Milam, you get the benefit of an experienced and supportive family law attorney who believes that making good choices is the most important step to emerging successfully from your divorce. Martha New Milam works to guide you through the tangle of options you face so you can make wise choices for your future. Yet the first decision is yours: make the right one — contact Martha New Milam today.

The Resources Of A Full-Service Law Firm At Your Disposal

Martha New Milam is a partner with the law firm of Milam & Idol PLLC in Durham, North Carolina. In addition to Ms. Milam’s expertise in family law, other members of the firm offer legal services in the areas of taxation, estate planning and administration, business organizations and real property transactions. As a member of a law firm, Ms. Milam is able to draw on the firm’s resources to benefit her family law clients and address their individual needs and concerns.

Contact Attorney Milam Now

Martha New Milam handles all areas of family law, from domestic partnership, to paternity, to divorce. Contact Ms. Milam by calling 919-805-3678 or by completing the online form to schedule an initial consultation about your family law needs.