Certified Parent Coordinator Protecting The Interests Of Children

A parenting coordinator is an individual who is appointed by the court to aid parties (usually parents) in legal matters that affect children. Family law attorney Martha New Milam is a certified parenting coordinator in Durham, North Carolina. Depending on the needs of the parties they represent, the duties of a parenting coordinator may include:

  • Identifying issues in which parties are in disagreement
  • Clarifying misunderstandings
  • Looking for mutually agreed-upon solutions to disagreements
  • Developing methods of collaboration between parties
  • Making decisions on behalf of parties if they are unable to do so

The role of a parenting coordinator is to address matters having to do with parenting. Other legal matters arising in divorce are handled through the courts.

As both a family law lawyer and a certified parenting coordinator, Martha New Milam assists clients in a range of family law matters. Find out more about these topics that may affect you:

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