Confident Handling Of High-Asset Divorce Matters

Divorce attorney Martha New Milam represents clients throughout the Durham area in divorce proceedings. A divorce in which one or both spouses own significant assets or have a high net worth can be significantly more complicated. As a certified family law specialist, Ms. Milam uses her knowledge and skills to help clients in complex divorce and property division proceedings.

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Seek An Experienced Attorney

A high-asset divorce can become very complicated when retirement assets, businesses, real estate and other assets must be divided. It is important for any individual facing divorce to consult an attorney who is familiar with the legal issues associated with a high-asset divorce, who can generate a cost-effective and well-reasoned division of assets and debts, and who can coordinate activities with a variety of experts.

Working With Experts

In a high-asset divorce, it may be necessary to consult with outside experts to determine the value of property and collect other information that could aid in property division. The firm frequently works with tax experts, accountants, actuaries, appraisers and other experts in these matters.

Alimony Following Divorce

Ms. Milam also assists clients in alimony matters. In North Carolina, there are no guidelines by which the court determines spousal support. The guidance of a family law attorney can help establish both post-separation support as well as alimony in a high-asset divorce.

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