Enforcing Child Support And Alimony Orders In North Carolina

Alimony and child support enforcement lawyer Martha New Milam represents clients throughout the Durham area. To find out about your legal options as they apply to seeking unpaid child support or spousal support payments, talk to her today.

Child Support Enforcements

Ms. Milam represents clients in child support enforcement proceedings. This is often done through contempt proceedings if the paying parent is refusing to pay child support. If a parent is refusing to pay child support, he or she may suffer criminal as well as civil penalties.

Another option in nonpayment of child support cases is wage garnishment. With court approval, child support payments are taken directly from the paycheck of the parent who is refusing to pay.

The receiving parent may be able to collect arrears for past unpaid child support payments. In some cases, it may be possible to collect attorneys fees associated with enforcement proceedings.

Alimony Enforcements

The legal process for enforcing alimony payments is similar to that of child support. If the spouse that has been court-ordered to pay alimony is refusing to do so, the receiving spouse can file a petition with the court asking to enforce the order.

Another option for receiving alimony is wage garnishment, where a court-determined amount of money is withheld from the nonpaying party’s paycheck. Talk to an alimony enforcement attorney to discuss your legal options.

Contact A North Carolina Enforcement Attorney

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