Tailored Child Custody And Visitation Representation

The decisions surrounding child custody can have a profound impact on a child’s life. Attorney Martha New Milam in Durham represents parents in child custody matters, whether to establish initial parenting arrangements or for enforcement or modification of existing child custody orders.

In dealing with child custody and visitation issues, there are any number of solutions and parenting plans from which a family or a judge may select. The choice will turn on each family’s specific circumstances. Often, parents share joint physical and legal custody, in which parents share physical custody and participate in making joint decisions related to schooling, religious upbringing and health care for their children. At other times, a single parent may have physical custody while the other parent is granted scheduled visitation rights, and in some situations, one parent will be granted sole legal and physical custody where they have nearly all parental rights.

Mediation Of Child Custody Issues In Divorce Cases

As a professional trained in divorce and family financial mediation, attorney Martha New Milam has seen the advantages of solving problems through mediation. While she recognizes that on some occasions — such as in situations concerning the health and welfare of the child — there are no alternatives to litigation, she believes that many of the best child custody solutions are created using alternative dispute resolution techniques. Children do not need to be the object of a bitter adversarial proceeding. They only want to be loved by both of their parents. The key is working together to make sure this happens.

Third-Party Custody And Grandparents’ Visitation Rights

In North Carolina, grandparents are allowed some visitation rights by law, but they have no automatic right to seek custody of their grandchildren. Parents have a privileged constitutionally protected paramount right to the care, custody and control of their children, and only if a parent consents, is somehow shown to be unfit, or has otherwise acted in ways that are found to be inconsistent with their constitutionally protected rights, can a third party — including grandparents — obtain custody of children.

Relocation And Child Custody

Ours is a highly transient culture. In difficult economic times, parents often need to relocate to find work. Many of these parents must move long distances — even out of state — in order to find a position that meets their needs. Unfortunately, these moves can have significant effect on their children and any existing child custody and visitation agreements or orders that may already be in place. Attorney Martha New Milam has handled numerous parental relocation cases, and can help you deal with custody orders and parenting plans which are in need of modification.

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