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Unlike child support, there are no set guidelines by which the court determines spousal support. Because of this, the amount of spousal support to be awarded by the court is difficult to predict. If alimony is not decided by private agreement, but becomes an issue for the trial court, a judge may consider each of the factors listed in North Carolina’s alimony statute when making his or her decisions. These factors include questions such as:

  • How long was the marriage?
  • What was the standard of living during the marriage?
  • Does a spouse suffer from medical issues which make it difficult to work?
  • Would alimony allow a spouse with a lower income to catch up?

Alimony cases are very fact-specific. Attorney Martha New Milam at the law office of Milam & Idol PLLC in Durham will help you to gather all of the pertinent information and then organize the presentation in a way that will enhance your likelihood of receiving an amount of spousal support tailored to fulfill your individual needs and circumstances.

Types Of Spousal Support In North Carolina

In North Carolina, courts award two types of spousal support — post-separation support and alimony. Post-separation support is a type of time-limited temporary spousal support. Its goal is to put support in place before the entire divorce case has been developed. Alimony, on the other hand, is usually awarded by a court after the equitable distribution of marital assets and debt has been completed. Alimony is more permanent than post-separation support, although it may not necessarily last a lifetime.

In order to receive either type of spousal support, the person seeking the spousal support must prove that she or he is a “dependent spouse” as defined by the North Carolina statutes. In addition to that, the other spouse must meet the definition of “supporting spouse.”

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