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Martha New Milam knows North Carolina family law. She has been recognized by Super Lawyers magazine and by Martindale-Hubbell as an AV-rated* attorney. Ms. Milam is a board-certified family law specialist. Follow the links below to learn more about her family law practice:

  • Divorce: Martha New Milam represents men and women seeking divorces in Durham and Orange counties.
  • High-asset divorce: When divorcing spouses who own significant assets or have a high net worth, a divorce can be significantly more complicated. Attorney Martha New Milam consults with tax experts and appraisers to generate a cost-effective and well-reasoned division of assets and debts.
  • Equitable distribution: Dividing marital assets and debts can be complicated and confusing. North Carolina equitable distribution law is extremely complex and only an experienced family lawyer can fully explain your options to you. Talk to Martha New Milam to understand your legal rights, explore the available options and make sound decisions for your future.
  • Alimony: Ms. Milam regularly represents people seeking spousal support (alimony) as well as people from whom spousal support is being sought.
  • Child custody and visitation: Whether you want to make a good initial parenting plan for your children, or you need an existing court order modified or enforced, Ms. Milam will work with you to protect your interests and those of your children.
  • Child support: Consult with Martha New Milam to assess your circumstances and to determine the amount of child support appropriate for your family.
  • Child support and alimony enforcement: If the paying party fails to make child support or alimony payments, an enforcement may be an appropriate legal option. Talk to attorney Martha New Milam to discuss your options.
  • Premarital agreements: The best time to make decisions about what will happen if you predecease your spouse or get a divorce is at the time you are contemplating getting married. The document which will set out these decisions is called a premarital agreement, a prenuptial agreement or just a “prenup”. Whether you are part of a young couple just starting out, part of a more mature couple who are interested in making provisions for your adult children, or anywhere in between, Ms. Milam can help you to develop a prenup which will address your exact needs and concerns.
  • Separation and property settlement agreements: Most divorcing couples work with lawyers and/or a mediator to negotiate a settlement tailored to their family’s circumstances. They then have the settlement terms made a part of a private contract called a separation and property settlement agreement — you may have heard someone refer to the document as their “separation papers.” Martha New Milam has been negotiating and drafting separation and property settlement agreements in Durham for more than 25 years, and she can help you with yours.
  • Paternity and legitimation: Legal proceedings for legitimation and paternity can help fathers who are not married to the mothers of their children to define their legal rights and responsibilities for those children.
  • Adoptions: Attorney Martha New Milam assists clients in stepparent adoptions, relative adoptions, grandparent adoptions and adult adoptions.
  • Mediation: Mediation is a dispute resolution process where a trained mediator (a neutral and impartial third party) facilitates negotiation and conversation between the parties and helps them to reach a mutually acceptable settlement. Ms. Milam has represented numerous clients at their family financial issues mediations, over her years of practice.

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