Domestic Partnership Agreements

North Carolina Domestic Partnership Agreement Lawyer

When a couple decides to enter into a long-term, committed relationship and if they prefer not to marry, a domestic partnership agreement can be of tremendous benefit. The Agreement outlines the rights and responsibilities of each partner, including joint property ownership, whether a gift made to one partner is held by both, and how you divide your income and household duties.

Milam & Idol PLLC has worked with unmarried couples to create domestic partnership agreements (often called cohabitation agreements) which help protect the interests of each individual by clarifying expectations and by specifying obligations. Ms. Milam understands the law in this area and knows how to use her knowledge to create effective strategies which achieve results — not just for her clients, but for their children and other loved ones as well.

When a Relationship Ends

Unmarried couples may face many of the same issues married couples do when a relationship ends — including determination of child custody and visitation, child support, partner support and division of property or debt. Because unmarried couples do not have the benefit of a multitude of legal protections offered by North Carolina law and/or Federal law to married persons, they must seek other legal solutions to protect their interests in the event that their relationship ends.

In the event that a relationship between an unmarried couple ends, the Domestic Partnership Agreement serves well to protect each participant's interests. The Agreement, by its terms, can clarify the division of property. Some Agreements specify the dispute resolution method the parties will use if they are unable to mutually agree how to divide property and resolve other issues.

Consulting with an experienced family lawyer is the best way for you to determine whether a Domestic Partnership Agreement would be suitable for your situation.

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