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Adoption attorney Martha New Milam assists clients in the Durham area with stepparent and relative adoptions. Any family looking to adopt a child within their family in North Carolina will have to obtain a court order permitting the adoption.

attorney Martha New Milam is a Board Certified Family Law Specialist. She is ready to help your family through the legal process of adoption. Contact her law office in Durham today for adoption assistance.

Stepparent Adoptions

In order for a stepparent to legally adopt his or her spouse's child, the other biological parent must give up his or her parental rights. attorney Martha New Milam assists clients with termination of parental rights actions in North Carolina.

A home study may be required to collect information that could aid in the adoption process, and gauge the parenting abilities of the adoptive family.

Grandparent Adoptions

If you are a grandparent considering adopting your grandchild, you join millions of other grandparents who have assumed parental responsibilities over their grandchildren. Often, grandparents seek adoptive rights because they believe they can provide a supportive and loving environment in which to raise their grandchild. There may have been instances of drug or alcohol abuse, child abuse, or incarceration prompting the adoption process.

For answers to your questions about grandparent adoptions, talk to lawyer Milam & Idol PLLC. During an initial consultation, she can explain the legal process of a grandparent adoption. Going forward, she can then help you complete the necessary legal steps and keep you informed throughout the process.

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