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Divorce and separation change your life. A divorce is not just a legal proceeding; you also must become emotionally divorced and financially reorganized. Anger, sadness, fear and concern for yourself and your children, can combine to leave you feeling overwhelmed.

At a time when level-headed decision-making is of the utmost importance, you may find yourself emotionally exhausted and feel unable to make even the simplest decisions. If so, what you need and deserve is a strong advocate who will protect your rights and interests and help you plan for the future.

A Seasoned Durham, North Carolina, Family Lawyer

For more than 25 years, Durham, North Carolina, family law attorney Martha New Milam has provided strong advocacy and sound legal advice to divorcing women and men. From your first meeting until your case is finished, she will be with you, helping you to make good choices for yourself and your children. A North Carolina Board Certified Family Law Specialists in private practice in Durham, Martha New Milam is a well-respected family law attorney, as well as a certified family financial mediator and a trained and experienced collaborative family lawyer.

Unique Solutions for You and Your Family

You are a unique person with particular issues that must be resolved so that you can move forward in life. As your lawyer, Martha New Milam will help you develop solutions that are uniquely designed to meet the needs and concerns of you and your children. She will work hard to make your goals a reality.

Martha New Milam's deep legal knowledge and decades of experience equip her to handle a wide variety of family law issues:

Martha New Milam has had considerable experience representing clients in parental relocation cases and grandparents seeking legal custody of their grandchildren.

With over two decades of trial experience, extensive mediation experience and collaborative law experience, Martha New Milam can help you select the best dispute resolution method to achieve your goals.

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